Wheel Cleaner for Alloy Wheels

A car’s interior tells a lot about an individual as much as the vehicle’s interior does, make sure you use a leather conditioner to maintain your interior of your vehicle. Once you’ve gotten your automobile detailed, it’s relatively easy to keep it looking great, at least for a while. The real weakness is your vehicle’s aluminum wheels. Since they’re right next to the road at all times, dirt and grime can easily come into contact with them, in addition to brake dust that you simply can’t ignore.

If you’re in the market for a wheel cleaner, it won’t take long for you to find one at an auto store. Of course, these are commercial cleaners that will set you back a bit. What you really need is a low-cost alternative to the professional products. In addition to costing less, these non-chemical approaches are better for your aluminum wheels.

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The use of bleach is a great way to clean almost anything and the mixing of bleach and water will work well as a wheel cleaner. Bleach is a very strong element, so it’s important that you dilute it. A solution of only half a cup of bleach mixed with a full gallon of water is all you need. Just remember to wear gloves if you have sensitive skin and rinse the wheels once you’ve finished.

Leaving bleach on your wheels could damage them over time.

Almost everyone owns a bottle of dish soap, but you may never considered using it as a wheel cleaner foryour aluminum wheels. The truth is, if your wheels aren’t too bad, a simple mix of dish soap and water will often do the trick. For every gallon of warm water, mix in approximately ten drops of dish soap and soak a soft towel in it. For added effect, spray the wheels with a degreaser and let it soak overnight, then clean it with soap and water.

You can use regular sponges if you’d like, but the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is a fantastic alternative. Used with a homemade cleaning solution, the Magic Eraser can be very effective.With regular sponges, look for something that’s durable and won’t scratch your wheel’s clear coat. If your aluminum wheels don’t have a clear coat, steel wool or an abrasive kitchen scrubber will do a great job at cleaning them.

In addition to a homemade wheel cleaner solution, using a fine grit sandpaper can be very helpful in removing pitting in your aluminum wheels. It’s very important that you do this by hand and not with the use of an electric power tool. That’s because power tools do the job too well, which could cause damage to your wheels. It’s also important that you only use sandpaper if your wheel’s clear coat has already been worn off.