Simple Guide To Cleaning Aluminium and Tips

Using homemade car polishing machine on tricky metals like aluminium can save you a little money, but it’s well worth trying them out on a small area first to ensure that they are suitable for your item or surface – particularly if you’re not certain it really is aluminium. Simply identify an area that won’t be seen from the outside (the inner rim of a jug, for example) and test your aluminium cleaning method there. Mothers Mag and aluminium polish is strong enough to put a shine to the most neglected metals and gentle enough to use on a regular basis.

Key Steps: Do not use abrasive scrubbers as aluminium scratches easily. Use a soft cloth and gentle, circular motions. Believe it or not, household ingredients such as vinegar, flour, salt, and ketchup can be used to clean aluminium!

Aluminium is a lightweight, pale metal, which may require special care when attempting to clean it. Some kitchen utensils like pots and vases, for example, should be cleaned regularly to prevent the accumulation of dirt. This also helps to prevent the accumulation of aluminium oxide, a form of corrosion, which can affect the integrity of the metal. Read on to find out how to clean aluminium – it’s easy and cost efficient!

Because it is a soft metal, when applying any aluminium cleaning or polishing product, avoid using abrasive scrubbers as these can scratch the surface; instead use a soft cloth and rub gently using circular motions – then you’ll gradually see it’s shine begin to reappear!

In the stores you can find a wide variety of aluminium polishing and cleaning products. However, you can also make use of ingredients found in your pantry. These home methods work very effectively to polish aluminium and other metals and restore its original lustre, making them look like new. They also work well if the object in question has stains or specific spots that need to be banished.

Remember: before applying any of these methods, perform a test on a hidden or inconspicuous area. And, for commercial cleaners don’t forget to follow the instructions on the label.

Place 1 teaspoon of salt in 230mls of white vinegar. Make a paste by adding flour gradually. Apply the paste on the metal with a cloth. Allow the paste to act for at least 15 minutes, and where possible, for 1 hour.

Rinse with warm water. Dry and polish with a soft flannel cloth or towel.

It might seem incredible, but ketchup is an excellent resource to remove the oxidation of aluminium.

Cover the object to be polished with a light layer of ketchup. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes. Rub vigorously with a soft cloth. Rinse immediately to avoid streaks and spots.

Dry and polish with a soft flannel cloth or towel.

You can repeat either of these aluminium cleaning processes if necessary.

Regular upkeep and maintenance can help prevent your aluminium becoming dim. In 6 steps or less you can ensure that your items are always in top condition and look as good as new!

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