Five Mistakes Business Owners Make With Vehicle Graphics Advertising

Vehicle Graphics Advertising is one of the most powerful forms of marketing for small business owners on a budget. If done properly it can virtually transform your business overnight. If done wrong it can be a very costly and cause much frustration and disappointment. Wrapping your car with a Sydney vehicle signage for a purpose of advertising your business is a good start to let people about your services offered.

Why Vehicle Graphics Advertising:

Vehicle Graphics Advertising is a form of Interruption Marketing and its main objective is to get your message in front of a captive audience who has no other option but to look at it. Whether they choose to read it will depend upon the design but more important the marketing message. Unlike other forms of marketing you only have about 3 to 6 seconds to connect with your prospect so your message has to be extremely relevant to keep their attention. By taking their eyes off of the road they are making a decision between their safety and the importance of your message.

Why 97% will not be interested:

Based on marketing statistics, only about 3% of the people that view your message will need your services at that exact time and another 3% will need it within the next 6 months. This means that between 94 – 97% of the people will have little or no interest in your product or services at that given moment. The average consumer today is bombarded with thousands of marketing messages daily in various forms, including signage, billboards and Vehicle Graphics so they become very selective in what they choose to remember. Why try to remember a URL or phone number when you can simply do a Google search online to shop and compare.

As you can see covering your vehicle with cute clever graphics that is positioned in front to your target customer is not enough to guarantee success with Vehicle Graphics Advertising or Vehicle Wrap Advertising. It requires a focused marketing strategy.

Here are 5 Common Mistakes that Business Owners make when investing in Vehicle Graphics Marketing and how you can avoid them:

Mistake 1:

They think of Vehicle Graphics as a cost rather than a revenue stream, so they start by shopping for the best price instead of looking for someone who will help them to make the most money.

Solution 1:

Decide what you wish to achieve with your Vehicle Graphics Advertising Campaign. What is the potential income based on your product and service. Once you understand this you will have a better idea of what you can afford to spend and you can focus on finding someone to help you achieve your objective.

Mistake 2:

They look at pictures of catchy vehicle graphics designs online and use this as a reference for what they would like their vehicle to look like. Marketing is based on connecting with your target customer and to do this well your message must resonate with them. Effective Vehicle Graphics Advertising is not about cute clever or catchy graphics it’s about connecting.

Solution 2:

You need to start by focusing on your Ideal Customer, their likes, dislikes, what makes them tick and how to communicate your solutions to address their needs. Your objective should first be to get clear on your message and then focus on finding the company that best able to help you communicate that message on your vehicle. Your design will most likely be unique and if done properly may only appeal to a very specific target audience.

Mistake 3:

Most Business Owners Investing in vehicle graphics advertising become attached to their vehicles and evaluate the design based on what appeals to THEM.

Solution 3

Evaluate the mock-up based on how effectively it communicates your message and its appeal to your Ideal Customer. If you articulate your objective clearly a good Vehicle graphics Designer should be able to help you. Remember that it’s not about your preference.

Mistake 4

Many business owners make the mistake of relying on a friend spouse or relative to provide feedback on the design without providing them with the details regarding what they are trying to accomplish. The feedback in many cases can be negative or mixed causing uncertainty and can sometimes result in the design going in totally different direction.

Solution 4:

If you plan on involving someone else in the decision-making process, make sure that they are involved from the start and are part of the discussion of how best to communicate with your ideal customer. This will enable the other person to provide feedback based on upon your objectives. It will also significantly reduce the design time and cost and increase your chances of success with Vehicle Graphics Advertising.

Mistake 5:

Most business owners target their message at the 6% of prospects that need their services now, or in the near future, but ignore the 94% that may need it in the distant future or may provide them with referrals.

Solution 5:

Communicate something of value on your vehicle that viewers can retrieve by going to your website and provide their e-mail address. The offer should be something of value to them and does not necessarily have to be part of your service or offering. This will allow you to communicate with them over time and offer other services.

Window graphics or specific areas on the vehicle can be used to display information the changes to provide fresh content monthly, seasonally or annually.


If you avoid the above 5 pitfalls and embrace the recommended solutions, you will be ahead of 90% of the business owners who invest in Vehicle Graphics Advertising.

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