Christian Charity – Is it Really Christian?

I have heard the argument so many times. As a Christian you may always find a charities to donate to with a high value of trust.

He says we are a Christian Nation.

She says we are not a Christian Nation.

Both sides give a very convincing argument.

But which one is right?

Well one way to test true Christianity to my way of looking at it is: Giving or Charity. Weather it be individual, church, community, or country. In my own opinion our Giving or Charity will tell undeniably if we are truly Christian or Not. When a Christian gives charity, they don’t just do it as a reflection of Christ, They also do it as though they were giving to Christ him self. Have you ever heard the sermon were Christ says whatsoever you do to the least of these, you do also unto Me.

That my friend is how to test if we are a Christian Nation, Church, Community, or Individual. Do we give as though we are giving to Christ himself? Do we, Really.

I wonder.

Have you ever been in a position were you had to accept charity, Not just from friends or family but especially from a church or charitable organization.

I have, and let me tell you right straight out. The things I saw as well as received were not in any way given as though they were being given to Christ in most cases. I have received true Christian charity, Charity that was given as though they were giving it directly to Jesus him self, But this was rare. And only one instance was from a Christian Church, all the others were from those that Christianity would condemn as unworthy of Christ.

I wonder which ones Christ would condemn.

When we as Individuals, churches, Communities, or as a nation give so called christian charity, how do we give it.

Do we go through our cupboards and find all the outdated food that we don’t want any more and no one in our house will eat and give that or do we give the newest and best to be found.

Do we go through our closets and find all the cloths that are worn out,dirty, full of holes and just throw them into a garbage bag unfolded. Cloths that we would not be caught dead in and if someone walked into our church wearing such cloths we would be the first to condemn them for dressing in such a way (remember friend their attire reflects the christian charity of our nation).

Or do we take our very best cloths and give them clean, Ironed, Folded or hung on hangers. Something we would be proud to wear ourselvs or maybe even go out and buy brand new name brand top of the line clothing to give.

More times than not when I have gone to a charity or church, the things I found were Dirty, Broken, outdated full of holes, etc.

Food that I wouldn’t give to a heard of swine, Cloths given by supposed Christians which when some poor person wears it to church because its the best they have(that they picked up at the church charity)the church blows a gasket and says “how dare they come before the Lord in such disgusting Rags”. (remember christian, your the one who gave those rags)

If you were to walk up to a christian and ask “is this a christian nation” the answer without hesitation would be yes.

If you walked up to one of the poor people who has received charity in this nation and asked the same question you might receive a different answer.

But more importantly, when the christian people of this nation go before the judgment seat of the Lord and say “look Lord, look at our christian nation and all the charity that we have given in your name”

I don’t imagine that those Christians from this christian nation are going to be prepared for what the Lord will say in response to them.

It is way past time for the people of this nation to stop concentrating so much on convincing the world that we are a christian nation and instead start actually Being A Christian Nation.

When you give, ask yourself this one question:


Or maybe this question:


Before you condemn the person who just walked into your church wearing ragged dirty cloths and shoes that are falling from his feet STOP look close, do you recognize any of those items hes wearing.

Think for a moment, is this the best he has because this is the best you would give?

When Jesus asks you “what did you give to me in charity that I might Eat, Drink, and be Clothed and Sheltered”.

Will you be able to hold your head high or will your eyes face the ground in shame?

Chaplain Daniel Paden

Non Religious Christianity

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